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1 Month Online - Get more benefit with our promotion
Published on 07-04-2019

Finally we have gone through a full month since the site was launched. and many things we learned during this trip.
one of the things we look at, members don't like sites with small income, right?
then let us explain why we applied this concept.
First, we do not intend to steal member money with the lure of benefits that are increasingly abundant, then the next day goes into a scam site.
second, we have a long-term plan, and not playing a money games in business.

and behind all that, we tried to minimize member cheating. that is why the income of UNVERIFIED members will be very low. 
if you want to increase your income, please upgrade your account to become a VERIFIED member and feel the difference.

at the beginning of this second month we also provide a Special Pack that encourages you to upgrade your account,
this limited period is only available until April 14, 2019.


Read details HERE

Bot ads
Published on 14-03-2019

Attention !!!

We added bot detection ads in the last section of the ad page. 2 ads that cause your account to be exposed to permanent suspension.

You don't need to worry if you are still a human. because you can certainly read the warning on the title, description and image ad clearly.

why is this done? we really appreciate someone's hard work honestly. not with cheating tricks.

happy earnings 
CR Admin

Welcome to Clixreview
Published on 07-03-2019

Welcome to! 
Thank you for taking the time to register and use our website.
Clixreview is a paid site to click while providing information about paid sites to click on others.
You can make money by following the income programs available on our site, also follow other PTC review updates in the forum by our community.
We will also work with other PTC reviews so that the information presented by us is truly accurate.
and as a member, you can also participate to share information with other members, so ... all of us who are looking for income through paid programs to click can choose which sites are good and which ones to leave.

The types of advertisements and income programs at Clixreview are
- PTC ads
- Clixreview box
- Duty or PTSU
- Traffic exchange
- other programs will follow soon.

The type of membership we provide is
- Not verified
- verified
- Verified +
- Verified ++

Deposits are not required to receive payments, you can receive payments without having to deposit in advance, the type of income and benefits you receive will differ depending on the type of your membership.
We will prioritize more members from unverified members, we do this to minimize cheating by cheats, spammers and bots that always damage the stability of the site.

We will add features and other things as the site develops.
for questions and suggestions, please contact us through ticket support.
happy earning

Best Regards