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Terms and Conditions

As a registered member of Clixreview you have confirmed that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions indicated in our Terms of Service. They are non-negotiable and apply to all of our members and advertisers. The following terms have been divided into different categories.

    1.1 You can only have one account per household.Any attempt to create more than single account will lead to the termination of all the account belonging to particular individual.
    1.2 Your email address is protected from spam from Clixreview and will not be sold or exposed under any circumstances.
    1.3 You can only view ads using one uniqIP address every 24 hours the geographical server time.
    1.4 Accounts are not transferable in any curcumstances
    1.5 No account information will be changed unless requested by the account holder.
    1.6 We do not accept, under any circumstances, requests to change your username or upline.
    1.7 We do not allow the exclusion of accounts, except by our criterion.
    2.1 There is a maximum number of referrals that can be obtained per account. This value varies based on your account type and membership activity. The base values can be viewed in the Upgrade section.
    2.2 You may only refer others from your household if they have a separate internet connection which results in a different IP address. Any attempts to use fake IP address or proxies will result in immediate termination of all accounts involved without notice.
    2.3 We have a NO-SPAM policy at Clixreview and we expect our members to follow this policy when representing Clixreview. Any reports of blatant, unsolicited referral requests made en masse, will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.
    2.4 Requests to change your up-line will not be accepted.
    2.5 The money you earn with the click of yours referrals is directly related to the number of clicks you make. You must click at least 4ads ( depends on your account type ). If you click less than the minimum required, the maximum you will receive is the amount of clicks made, multiplied by the number of your referrals. The clicks of these will always be calculated based on the clicks data of the previous day. Failure to click ads the previous day will result in no referral clicks credited the following day.
    2.6 The clicks made by your referrals will be credited to your account instantly. However, depending on the server load, they can be credited within 24 hours.

    3.2 Payment processor used: Perfectmoney
    3.3 Minimum payment is $ 0.50 for all types of membership.
    3.4 Payments will be processed within 0-14 days.
    3.5 Make sure you enter a valid payment ID or wallet.
             Perfectmoney: Uxxxxxxx

    3.6 After cash payments are processed and payments are made by Clixreview, we are not responsible for any problems caused by payment processing companies.
    3.7 To receive payment:
    3.7.1 the name on the payment account must match the name on the Clixreview account
    3.7.2 You must log in and click on at least 4 advertisements for 7 days after submitting a payment request.
    3.7.3 You must be active in the Forum and post a minimum of 10 Posts (REMEMBER! Spamming will be banned).
    3.7.4 Reply to the payment verification email sent by our support team.
    3.7.5 do not open a ticket regarding payment during the process time is still running.
    4.1 After payment has been made to Clixreview, it belongs to Clixreview because digital goods or product have been provided instant.
    4.2 Any kind of dispute / refund request / attempt to charge-back, will be repealed by Clixreviewand the member will have their account suspended.
    4.3 Any payment made to Clixreview needs to be done through the links displayed directly on our site only. Any other forms will not be accepted.

    5.1 Clixreview reserves the right to change or modify the terms of services at any time but we will let our users know ahead before changing it.
    5.2 Clixreview will not be liable for any of its users or advertisers.those contents are thetrademark of their respective owners.

    6.1 Certain information about members will be stored confidentially in order to help identify cheaters.
    6.2 We reserve the right to suspend an account for a valid reason, including reasons not covered by a violation of the Terms of Service.
    6.3 We do not delete user accounts in any way for any reason.
    6.4 After 15days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 30 days of inactivity.
    6.5 All suspended accounts will have all their balances reset, all referrals taken away and no refunds will be given.
    6.6 All suspended accounts will be deleted from our database system and cannot be restored.

    7.1 Each ad can be made profitable only once every 24 hours per user.
    7.2 Clixreview accepts almost any kind of advertisement, however some content is not consistent with the quality of our service. Pages involving: pornography / illegal content / malicious codes / direct or indirect forms of racism or sexism / page redirection / any other content that we deem as inappropriate, are all prohibited. Any advertisement containing prohibited content will be denied.